● Washroom 洗手間設備

Washroom products include ad notam mirror TV, auto faucet, basin, toilets, sensor valve, cistern, mirrors, grab bar, hand dryer, hair dryer, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, toilet tissue dispenser, waste receptacle and other accessories.

Ad Notam mirror image TV

Ad Notam ● Mirror Image TV

● Hidden Technology ●

● Ironmongery 門鎖五金

Ironmongery products include Lockis Invisibly Smart Technology, door handle, lockset, door closer, hinge and other all range hardware for door of wooden, steel, glass and sliding. We are also pleased to provide Pre-sales service such as Ironmongery Schedule to ensure the better design for the project.

LOCKIS ● Lock Invisibly Smart ● Smartify your traditional locks with invisible

● 通過隱藏式的模塊添加技術,瞬間便能將傳統機械鎖轉變為智能鎖,解決了轉換傳統機械鎖到智能鎖的問題,從而實現傳統和未來的整合 ●

● Drinking Fountain 飲水機

Drinking Fountain and Emergency Equipment products include Murdock and Haws drinking fountains, bottle filler, UV water sterilizer system, lead reduction water filter, carbon filter, eyewash & shower for emergency purpose of the laboratory.

MURDOCK ● Outdoor ● Indoor ● UV-C LED ● Drinking Fountains ● Bottle Fillers ● Water Cooler

● Pioneer of new technology “Built-in UV-C LED Sterilizer” 首創 “UV-C LED 殺菌消毒” 內置新技術

● Baby Changing Station, Child Care 嬰兒換片床, 幼兒護理

Baby Changing Station, Child Care products include Foundations baby changing station, adult changing station, child seat, diaper vendor, liner dispenser, cribs, baby changing table, glider rockers, low chairs for feeding child, strollers & buggies, and other accessories.

Healthcare, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Therapy